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28th-Jul-2020 08:44 pm

My journal is (mostly) friends only.
1) Add me if you'd like. I make most picture posts public for some time...for friends&family who don't have LJ.
2) Leave a comment if you wish to be added back. I usually only add people I know, or interesting journals.
3) Follow
my tumblr for more frequent updates.
18th-Dec-2008 10:37 am (UTC)
Hello! I saw your post at jumping pictures, and thought your photos were awesome. I hope you don't mind the add because I really want to see more photos of yours!
20th-Dec-2008 08:14 pm (UTC)
I'm kind of obsessed with your jumping photos, so I creeped over to your journal and saw you do picture posts! I do kind of the same thing, but no need to add me back. Just letting you know I clicked the little +friends man!
28th-Dec-2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
hey nikola, this is joey (: add me back please!
29th-Dec-2008 11:41 am (UTC)
I really love your photos especially the jumping ones! I hope to see more because they are really interesting. Just letting you know I'm adding you but no need to add back (=.
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